Mark Smiley for RI Senate District 10


School Choice

Hands down the fastest way to fix our failing schools.

Transparency in Government

Far too many decisions are made behind closed doors. Insiders and cronies cut deals that only enrich themselves, leaving the tax payers to clean up the mess.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is not in our Constitution to protect hunting rights. It's there to ensure every individual has the ability to defend themselves and to overthrow a tyrannical government.

I’m Mark Smiley and I would like to be your next State Senator.  The District is all of Warren, East Bristol, and in Tiverton North of 24 plus some of Stafford Rd.  Welcome to my website.  Thank you for taking a moment to take a look around.
Here you will find the topics I believe are crucial going forward, not only for Senate District 10, but for all of Rhode Island and our Nation.  They include School Choice, Government Transparency, and the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.  These aren’t the only issues, but they’re a start.  I will be adding more as time goes by.  Just scroll down and click the issue that most interests you.

You can also find more information about me.  You can click Contact on this page to be added to our email list, as well as the Donate button to help the campaign going forward.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.