2nd Amendment

In the original Bill of Rights, there’s 9 protections from Government and one that ensures the other 9 don’t get trampled on.  If you want to subvert the Constitution, you have to start by getting around the 2nd Amendment. 

Once you understand that the 2nd Amendment is not about the right to hunt, or just for personal protection, it’s about overthrowing a tyrannical government, you will understand that the weapons our military have must be equaled by its citizenry.  If our military has automatic weapons, but our citizens only have bolt action rifles, we are at a severe disadvantage and this subverts the actual intention of our founders.  If we have no firearms at all, we are now sheep and easily manipulated into the horrors that much of humanity experienced in the 20th Century.

Ben Franklin said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  We cannot allow ourselves to lose the one thing that stands between us and tyranny. 

Instead let us steer our resources into better mental health services.  Time and time again, we hear of some horrific incident where a gunman goes on a rampage and kills innocent people.  Then we find out that this person was in contact with mental health professionals and could have or should have been flagged.  We must identify people who are unstable and flag them so that they cannot attain weapons.  We must hold mental health professional accountable for failing to flag those that they obviously felt were unstable.  Protection from the mentally unstable has to start with those who practice mental health.  They need more resources but also accountability.

The 2nd Amendment is the protection given to us by our founders.  Yes, we have the right to vote, which is supposed to peacefully keep our government in check, until we don’t.  If the government simply decides to not hold elections anymore, what are you going to do about it?  If you’ve given up the 2nd Amendment, you won’t do much about it at all.

Stand with me in defending the 2nd Amendment.  It’s all we have.