We have a lopsided government and it’s a breeding ground for corruption.  Corruption costing YOU and I a fortune.

As of this recording, the Speaker of the House is being investigated for using power that he simply doesn’t have.  3 of the last 4 Speakers have either gone to jail, or left office in disgrace.  The Chairman of the House Committee on Finance recently was convicted of stealing from an Estate he was in charge of as well as hiding his misuse of public money.  The State House seems to be a revolving door to the ACI or Federal prison.  Why?  Because there is so little oversight at the State House, they believe they can get away with it.

The cause is not “all politicians are crooked” or “That’s just the way Rhode Island is”.  It’s the way many of us vote.  “I don’t vote the party; I vote the person” shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the legislative process works at our State House.  You may not care about Party, but it’s the only thing that matters at the State House. 

The biggest cause of all of this is that we have more than a super majority of one Party.  The Democrat Party does not need a single vote from the minority party to pass whatever they want.  They don’t even need a Republican vote to override a Governor’s veto.  Because they don’t need Republican support, they don’t need to debate the merits of a proposed bill where the press can hear it.  We have no idea what deals were made to get a bill passed.  The actual decision is made behind closed doors.  Most of the time the debate on the floor of either the Senate or the House is staged, just the approved talking points by leadership, everyone already knows the outcome of the vote. 

Rhode Island doesn’t need a Republican majority, but it does need enough Republican Senators to begin to bring balance back to our State Government.  Join me in taking one more step towards fixing the balance at our State House.